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DeepDarkDungeonDubstep Mix Series #027 - Smooth

#027 sees Smooth taking control of the 1s and 2s bringing some freshness from the past month or so; including new Innamind, Osiris and Chestplate - the best way to start your week!! Catch him every Monday 8-10pm (GMT) on Rood FM alongside Content..

Tracklist -
-Tallan - Guardian [Paradise Lost]
-Chapta - Shadows [M.U.D]
-Kelly Dean - Samurai (District Remix) [Smog]
-Caski - Patient [Hedmuk Freebie]
-Sleeper - Dark Mutations [Osiris]
-Biome - Light [Deep Heads]
-Demon - Geth [ICU Audio]
-Cyrus & Distance - Titan [Chestplate]
-Genetix - Mindrise [Biscuit Factory]
-Gantz - Enso [Innamind]
-Perverse - Echolocation [New Moon]
-Content - Reduction [DUB]
-Sleeper & District - The Risk [Osiris]
-Piezo - Comma [FKOF Free Download]
-Killawatt & Ipman - Warehouse Dub [Lion Charge]

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Deep, Dark, Dungeon Dubstep Mix Series #012 - Chapta

Chapta makes #012 a weighty one - always had a lot of respect for him, and now his mix for the series is finally online!! Chapta truely goes in with his 45min time and delivers an extra large tracklist and some incredibly tight mixing..

Tracklist -
-Chapta - Do It! [DUB]
-Chapta - Dem a Talk Remix [DUB]
-Chapta - Late Night Jazz [DUB]
-Chapta – Bleeding [DUB]
-Chapta - The First Serial Killa’ [DUB]
-Chapta - The Loony Bin [DUB]
-Chapta - Shadows [DUB]
-Chapta – Insomnia [DUB]
-DCult - Primal [DUB]
-Content & Pheral – Dissonance [DUB]
-Bisweed - Destruction [Paradise Lost]
-Dubtek - Breathless [DUB]
-Pheral feat. Beezy - Paradox [DUB]
-Q600 - The Beginning [DUB]
-DCult - Sliver [Forthcoming M.U.D]
-Dubtek - Cerebral [Sequence Recordings]
-Perverse - Cluster [FKOF Free Download]
-Dubtek - Aphelion [DUB]
-Digid - Strike Back [DUB]

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Deep, Dark, Dungeon Dubstep Blog - Promo Mix

Promo mix for the blog mixed by myself (M.A.K.Z.)..

Serious respect to all the producers who sent me their tracks, to all the artists involved with the mix series and the exclusive track downloads and to the supporters and followers!!

Don’t watch the mixer btw - it’s a bit broken..

Tracklist -
-Kaiju - Carpark Crush (FKOF Free Download)
-Forensics - God’s Hands (Trashbat Remix) (DUB)
-Chapta - Late Night Jazz (Forthcoming Bokane)
-Darj - Scattered Thoughts (Forthcoming Phantom Hertz)
-Biak - Consequence VIP (DUB)
-Geode - Aliased Fever (DUB)
-Juss B - Concentration (Forthcoming Gradient Audio)
-Reamz - Tapeworm (Forthcoming Phantom Hertz)
-Cotti feat. P Money - Going To War (Wheelton’s Darker Dubs Remix) (DUB)
-M.A.K.Z. - Shaolin (DUB)
-Sine - Untitled (DUB)
-Kong - Society (DUB)
-Chapta - Focus (Forthcoming Vulcan Audio)
-TZR - Mentalics (Forthcoming Iron Shirt Recordings)
-Lysergene & Forensics - The Way Home (DUB)
-Wheelton - Unprecedented (DUB)
-Chapta - The Loony Bin (Forthcoming Bokane)
-CoolBalance - Please Understand (Forthcoming ‘First Light EP’)

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